Call the Midwife – Original Soundtrack Album‘ features the incredible soundtrack music from Call the Midwife’s award-winning composer Maurizio Malagnini. This will be the first ever Call the Midwife soundtrack album entirely dedicated to original composed music.

Maurizio began working on Call the Midwife in season 4, and his music has since become the heart of the drama series and an essential part of storytelling. Maurizio says:

In every single scene in which a woman gives birth, there is something magical. The series portrays how extraordinary and diverse every birth can be and some of the most intense music I have ever composed is present in these scenes.”

The album will feature a collection of the best tracks across seasons 4 to 7, and will allow the audience to relive the emotions of the breathtaking storylines penned by series creator Heidi Thomas.

One of the elements that fascinated me most when I began scoring the series was the degree of realism and depth that Heidi Thomas managed to create around the characters. I especially felt that every character had a hidden side – an element of fragility that makes them more deep and real. I truly felt that my music could be an integral part of the storytelling and make each character seem more human, alive and ultimately unveil the hidden side of their personalities,” said Maurizio.

Call the Midwife – Original Soundtrack Album’ is available for digital download from your favourite music service from today – and will be released on CD in May 2018.

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