International award-winning composer Maurizio Malagnini (The Paradise, Call The Midwife) burst onto the scene in 2009, bringing to television his cinematic class and stunning melodies through his scores to numerous BBC hits.

In demand because of his ability to vary his palette of sounds and styles, each time bringing the audience to the heart of the story, Malagnini’s work on The Paradise was recognized with an EMMY® Award Nomination and has been hailed as a ‘masterpiece of musical storytelling’.

Maurizio has recently finished scoring season 9 of the hugely popular BBC series Call The Midwife and is currently working on a score for an animation and live action version of the ballet Coppelia. Further projects include the BAFTA Nominated film The C Word, a BBC TV-movie based on the book and blog by Lisa Lynch, featuring a minimalistic and subtle score mixing electronica with string orchestra and the epic full orchestral score for a 2-hour drama for ITV, Peter and Wendy, based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan novel. The success of these projects resulted in Maurizio winning the title of Breakthrough Composer Of The Year from the International Film Music Critic Association in 2016.

Italian-born Malagnini’s first musical love was Italian Opera, especially the lyrical melodies of Rossini and Puccini. During his ten years of academic studies in Italian conservatoire, he came into contact with the music of the greatest Italian film composers, in particular Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota. Upon completion of his degree in symphonic composition at the Conservatory in Italy, Malagnini headed to the UK to attend the Royal College of Music in 2006, where he graduated with a Masters Distinction in Composition for Screen.

In 2009, Malagnini was selected by BBC Worldwide to score the new animation show Muddle Earth. His adventurous, epic music was recorded by the 95-piece BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and contributed to the success of the 26-episode BAFTA-nominated series. The creativity in his composition impressed orchestra manager Richard Wigley, who commissioned Malagnini to compose the Symphonic Suite Running In The Clouds, broadcast nationwide on BBC Radio 3. The Suite was premiered in January 2012 by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to a standing ovation, inspiring the Arts correspondent Adrian Mullen to write: “Running In The Clouds received an amazing reaction from concertgoers. The composition painted a vivid musical landscape, every bit as evocative as a Ralph Vaughan Williams Symphony”.

Malagnini’s next BBC series was The Body Farm, a 6-episode spin-off from Waking The Dead. For this he created an energetic, hybrid score showcasing an edgier contemporary sound, blending strings with electronics.

In 2012, Malagnini was invited by producer Simon Lewis to score The Paradise, a TV series based on the French novel The Ladies’ Paradise by Émile Zola. The Paradise allowed Malagnini to turn to his first love, blending his operatic influences – this time from French Opera Comique – into his score. Malagnini’s music became the pulsating heart of the characters, a blanket of warmth around the storytelling and one of the pleasures of the series. The Paradise, which was broadcast in 132 territories, earned Malagnini’s creative talent international recognition, including three Music+Sound Awards and, in 2015, his first EMMY® Award Nomination. The soundtrack album of The Paradise was released worldwide by Silva Screen Records and it has been acclaimed by the critic, receiving 5 star reviews.

Continuing his relationship with the BBC, Malagnini was asked to compose the soundtrack for the fourth season of the period drama, Call The Midwife (Neal Street) for which he has continued to score a further five series. His sensitive approach to the score breathed new life and colour into the show, and as a result earned him his fourth Music+Sound Award.

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PETER AND WENDYITV / Headline Pictures
Director: Diarmuid Lawrence
Producers: Christian Baute, Stewart Mackinnon
Starring: Stanley Tucci, Laura Fraser, Paloma Faith
Director: Juliet May, Thaddeus O’Sullivan
Producer: Ann Tricklebank
Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Helen George, Miranda Hart
Director: Tim Kirkby
Producer: Simon Lewis
Starring: Sheridan Smith, Paul Nicholls
***BAFTA Nomination for Best Single Drama 2016***
Director: David Drury, Kenneth Glenaan, Bill Gallagher, Marc Jobst, David Drury, Susan Tully
Producer: Simon Lewis
Executive Producer: Sue Hogg, Bill Gallagher
Starring: Emun Elliott, Joanna Vanderham
***2014 PRS for Music Award for Best Original Television Score***
***Music & Sound Awards Winner for Best International TV Soundtrack 2013***
***Music & Sound Awards Winner for Best International TV Soundtrack 2014***
***2015 EMMY Nomination for Best Original Television Soundtrack***
Director: Diarmuid Lawrence, David Drury, Mark Everest
Producer: Simon Lewis
Executive Producer: Sue Hogg, Trevor Eve
Starring Tara Fitzgerald, Keith Allen
Director: Simon Nelson
Producer: Phil Chalk
Starring: David Jason, Buzz Hawkins
***BAFTA Nominated for Best TV Animation 2011***
Director: Salvatore Nocita
Producer: Nicola Salvi, Elisabetta Sola
Starring: Flavio Bucci
Director: Salvatore Nocita
Producer: Nicola Salvi, Elisabetta Sola
Starring: Tiziana Ferrario
PSICOVIP Rai Fiction
Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Producer: Massimo Carrier-Ragazzi, Annita Romanelli
Animation Studio: Maga-Animation
***Winner of Pulcinella Awards for Best TV Animation 2009***
IL FUNERALE DI FIBINACCIOfficina della Comunicazione
Director: Emanuele Sana
Starring: Luis Molteni, Luigi Di Pietro, Maddalena Caravaggi
AMI SU STRADAStudio Bozzetto
Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Animation Studio: Alienatio

Maurizio has worked extensively and solely with production company Moog Films, on the following campaigns: Planters, Jackpot City Bingo, Nissan Micra, Veet, Peugeot 107 Petite Peste, Fonzies, Fiat 600 Vintage, Opel, Toyo, Miller Promo Tour, Kookai and X-Box. Maurizio’s music has been synchronised to hundreds of shows and commercials. Universal recently licensed Maurizio’s orchestral music for the Fairy’s Make a Wish Foundation campaign starring the Games of Thrones actor Sean Bean.