As the eagerly anticipated new series of the blockbuster costume drama, ‘Poldark’, returns to our screens for a second series, Sony Classical reveals the brand new ‘Poldark Prelude’, written especially for superstar pianist, Lang Lang, by British Oscar-winning composer, Anne Dudley, the creator of the hauntingly beautiful score to ‘Poldark’.  Her new work takes the popular main ‘Poldark’ theme, extended and adapted here for solo piano.

As Anne Dudley notes: “One of the thrills for a composer is having great musicians play your music.  When one of the most famous and brilliant musicians in the world wants to play your work, then joy is unconfined!  Lang Lang brings an impressionistic, virtuosic sheen to the Poldark theme and takes it to a whole new dimension.” 

Lang Lang added: “I am delighted to be part of this major event in British television drama.  Anne Dudley’s music has a special ability to conjure up the passions and emotions contained in this epic tale and it was a real pleasure to work closely with her on this exquisite new work for the piano”.

Watch the video above or here.