Laura Rossi scores ‘Mike and Rochelle’ for ITV’s Isolation Stories Series

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Laura Rossi has written the music to episode 3 of a series of four short ITV dramas depicting life in lockdown.

Darren Boyd and Angela Griffin appear in ‘Mike and Rochelle’ written by William Ivory and directed by Paul Andrew Williams (A Confession, Broadchurch). The worst fears of paranoid, self-absorbed hypochondriac Mike (Darren Boyd) have come true. There is an unstoppable virus that affects us all, and you can catch it just by breathing! He insists on an online session with his psychiatrist Rochelle (Angela Griffin) who must try and talk him down from the precipice. But who really is the patient, and who is the shrink?

‘Mike and Rochelle’ will air Wednesday 6th May at 9pm on ITV.